Competition for Juniors on the course! The competition is played over 7 holes either on short or full length holes. There are 3 leagues, the Short Course Series, Short Course Series PLUS and A League.

Short Course Series – for juniors who are 9 years or under on the 1st Jan 2020. Players will play from the forward tees unless their SCS handicap is 19 or lower. Then they can start playing from the yellow/red tees if they feel comfortable and confident. Players will get an additional 6 shots to their SCS handicap.

Short Course Series PLUS – for juniors who 10 years or over on the 1st Jan 2020. Competition can be played from forward tees or full tees based on their standard and confidence. Full tees are played from red (girls) or yellow (boys) tee positions. Players get 7 more shots on their SCS handicap if playing from the full tees.

A Leagues – for juniors who are able to play 18 holes from full tees with official handicaps. Click here for more info.

The competitions will be held at 2pm on Sundays (dates listed on this page) at Hatchford Brook Golf Centre.

Golfers must attend weekly lessons or must have attended a minimum of 3 1-2-1 lessons, group playing lessons or holiday Day Camps to be eligible to compete in the SCS or SCS+.

There will be medals, certificates and prizes awarded every week for the winners as well as a big trophy at the end of the year for the overall league winner!

There will also be bonus badges on offer including:

  • Short course series
  • Gained a handicap
  • Improved your  handicap
  • Social media
  • Played on the course
  • Made a par
  • Made a birdie


  1. Player can play from either forward or full tee positions (red for girls and yellow for boys). Those in the SCS can play from full tees once their handicap is 19 or lower. Those in the SCS+ can play from either forward or full tees based on confidence and skill level. Players using the full tees get an extra 6 (SCS) or 7 (SCS+) shots added to their handicap.
  2. Hazards/lost balls (yellow or red posts):Drop out next to where the ball went in/lost and add a shot.

  3. Bunkers: Have 2 attempts at getting it out. On third attempt you can throw it out for FREE (make the throw accurate)
  4. Air shots don’t count as a golf shot

  5. Players can tee the ball up on every shot (easy tees provided if needed)

  6. Shot limit 10, after which you can pick the ball up and put 10 on card.

  7. You must mark someone else’s card and someone else must mark you. This includes parents please. I.e. parents cannot mark their own child’s card.

  8. Parents: Your role is supporter (and probably caddy) not coach! Remember it’s more about having fun than winning, so no competitive parents please 😀
  9. At the end of every event, points are awarded to children based on the position they finish. The top 6 points scoring rounds count over the season. Person with the most points wins. Points scoring system are as follows…

    1st – 25pts

    2nd – 22pts

    3rd – 20pts

    4th – 18pts

    5th – 16pts

    6th – 14pts

    7th – 13pts

    8th – 12pts

    9th – 11 pts

    10th – 10pts

    11th – 9pts

    12th- 8pts

    13th – 7pts

    14th – 6pts

    15th – 5pts

    All other positions receive 4 pts

2020 Dates TBC