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January 15, 2018by scaggmoosh0
Seeing as the weather is poor at the moment I thought I?d share with you some rainy day golf games that your junior can play indoors that require no special equipment. Don?t worry they?re all putting games so pretty house safe!

First things first, you need to make sure you have house safe golf balls. You can get them?online?or at most golf clubs for just a few quid. If not, tennis ball or any other sponge balls will be fine. Then just make sure your junior doesn?t madly swing their golf club around the front room!

  1. Indoor trick shots. Kids love inventing their own trick shots in my lessons, so why not do it at home. Give them a stack load of toys, boxes and objects that could be used to create trick shots. VHS tapes were?perfect for me as a kid. I used to pile up tape boxes and putt off of them into cups on the floor. Easy, safe, fun and good for their golf!
  2. Ladder games. Place a plastic cup or something similarly sized (and safe to hit) in a corner of the room. Now use any other toys or objects as markers to hit from and spread them around the room. Aim is to hit a ball from a marker into the cup. If you manage to do it then pick that marker up and count it as a point. Can the player pick up all the markers?
  3. Putting courses. I played this game for hours at home as a kid and it doubled up as a race track for my cars! I used the old VHS?tapes and their boxes and stood them up next to each other to create tracks and golf courses. At one end of the track I would have a target as my hole, and then I would play the course without knocking over the tapes. Fewer shots the better.

The only golf equipment you need for these games is a putter. However, you can buy these…

They’re way better than putting mats because you’re not restricted to games you can play and they work exactly like a normal golf hole does. You can get them?online?and cheaper ones are available. Could make a good Birthday present if you’re struggling for ideas.

Please comment on here or on the Facebook page?with any pictures or any other games you have that can be played at home, I would love to see them.

Keep an eye out on Facebook for my live video of my trying to complete my very own indoor trick shot!

See you soon
Aaron and Team


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